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you strike a pose as the camera rolls
and nobody sees it
you lift your chin with a subtle grin
and take in the applause

i play the part of a movie star
and almost believe it
they'll soak it in and wish it was them
not knowing what they saw


you set the scene for the silver screen
and they think we made it
but the highlight real is not really real
it's all how you frame it

you disengage when we leave the stage
and the colors get faded
a special kind of art to toy with a heart
that's not yours to play with

there's more we know
that your screen won't show
we both know when the curtains close
it was all for show

look through the static
it's just cinematic
it's just cinematic
a hollywood habit
it's just cinematic
it's cinematic

something's not right
it shines too bright
something's not right
with your spotlight