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Forever BY My Side

i know why the sun is smiling
the birds are coming out of hiding
your left hand has started shining
i've got forever by my side

i've been thinking about you in a white dress
long before the moment that you said yes
there'll never be another lonely sunset
cause i've got forever by my side

we'll be together, together forever
don't you think there's something special about you & me?
time couldn't limit what we've been given
love, we're going down in our own history
cause i've got forever
by my side

i know that we had to be patient
but our love won't have a date of expiration
i'd say that it calls for celebration when
i've got forever by my side

we're gonna grow old together
you'll never grow old to me

i know real love is kind of scary
but love, this love we got ain't temporary
i finally found the girl i'm gonna marry