i could tell you that i have all the answers
i could tell you i know what to do
i could tell you it will always be easy
i'd be lying so i'll tell you the truth

i never wanna let you down
i never wanna let you down
i never wanna let you down
but if i do
well you know i'm gonna try again
cause i am not a perfect man
but i would walk until the end of the earth for you
love if i do

well my words won't always be patient
and my voice far, far too often unkind
but my heart swears it's gonna love you forever
as my feet stay, they stay right by your side

late nights and lonely on the phone
at times when we both feel alone
and our hearts are on the verge of breaking
i swear there's nothing i won't do
to keep the fire i feel for you
and nothing's ever gonna change that

if i say i do then you know i will