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Ordinary Day

we talk about getting away
some boat some aeroplane
leaving the race, leaving the chase
waving it all goodbye
living lazy on the beach
stealing kisses by the sea
sleeping in late changing the pace
yeah that sounds so nice

but why do we gotta wait
to let the crazy go
we can have our holiday
here at home

slow, let's slow on down
ain't nothing to rush for now
we could grab a little front seat sunset
and watch the daylight fade
you, me, and a bottle of wine
no worries, leave them all behind
tonight let's celebrate an ordinary day

we don't need no caviar
to make it feel uptown, five star
a candle or two, yeah that'll do
don't matter where we are

cause baby you're beautiful
with that old t-shirt on
tomorrow we could do it all again
ain't nothing wrong

take a drink, smile my dear
life is good right here