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you and i, dysfunctional so i said goodbye
still your poison is swimming through my veins
i tried to run but girl you knew that the damage was done
turned my back but you were holding the reigns

i told you maybe we could still be friends
the toxic words i thought would keep me sane
you whispered "don't you want to try again?"
before you asked you knew the choice was made

say my name i run for cover
touch my hand my heart it shudders
bones they quiver underneath my skin
the moment that your lips meet mine
from head to toe i'm paralyzed
last time i left i swore it was the end
but i'm here again

you think i'd learn, you play with fire you're gonna get burned
but with this flame i'm happily hypnotized
i always fall, a rapid relapse whenever you call
you're twisted, tangled, and tied up into my mind

my eager enemy
the nightmare of my dreams
i'm begging you for mercy
you're my favorite foe
take all my self control
you're never letting me go