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what if the crowd never knows my name
what if the picture won't fit the frame
what if every dream that i dream
forever stays between my sheets

and it's hard to stand
when every step i take is into quicksand
and like a rubber band
there's only so much that i can expand

i gotta know, i gotta know
if the shots don't land where i aim
will you still love me the same
if the seeds that i've sown
even if they don't grow
if i'm sinking will you be my sail
will you love me even if i fail

what if i fail

feels like the world is keeping score
but no one knows what the points are for
does the pursuit of happiness
have to feel like it's a contest

and i pull my hair
cause everywhere i look i start to compare
and like a rocking chair
i've got something to do but it gets me nowhere