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Stay With Me

i'm slowly sinking underneath
you're above and below, and you're in between
you're hiding in the shadows of doubt
so i'm going on in and i'm bringing you out

must be a silly twist of fate
you're the queen of hearts and i'm the king of spades
yet we find ourselves in this proximity
there ain't no need to complicate it
to overthink or re-evaluate it
there's more at work than what our eyes can see

all i need is your sweet company
so stay with me

a storm's brewing deep within
but a change in the atmosphere comes with the wind
how i long to freeze this moment in time
but the clock on the wall ain't no friend of mine

you're all that i've been thinking about
for reasons that i can't figure out
and i don't even know if i want to
there ain't no need for misbehaving
just you and me and the record playing
we'll slow dance in circles around the room

all i need is your sweet company
so stay with me