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Times like these

she was barefoot on the porch swing
always playing with her hair
the sunset started chuckling
because my eyes couldn't help but stare

and it's times like these
when life tastes less bitter and a little more sweet
and it's time like these
when the clock starts to move at half the speed
oh and it's times like these
when i realize that everything i'll ever need is mine
and the corners of my mouth rise away from the ground
and i smile

we found ourselves up past our bedtime
her eyes felt the gravity
my shoulder became her makeshift pillow
my sweater her makeshift sheets

but sometimes we worry about what the future holds
and sometimes we fret about what we know we don't know
but i would like to just let go
and celebrate times like these

pull me close
don't you know
girl you make me smile

take my hand
girl you make me smile