sometimes i see the stars
and i wonder where you are
on a night like this
sometimes i cross your friends
and i wonder where you've been
and who you're with

and i know our book is over
i'm not lying to myself
i'm just looking for the closure
before i place it on the shelf
and we'll write a happy ending
just with someone else
but still i wonder

did i break your heart beyond repair
or does it even know i was ever there
yes we've both moved on and there ain't no need
but maybe i still wonder if you think of me

do you remember where we where
whenever i kissed you first
on a night like this
but now computer screens
well they're my only means
to know who you're with

and black was the evening
not a star in the sky
when i told you i was leaving
when goodnight became goodbye
and i'll never be forgetting
how you did not even cry

i wonder what you think of me
i wonder if you even think of me