I'm Coming to See You! (Maybe)


This is my first time reaching out to you not only as a Coloradan, but also as a married man! Everything is going swimmingly on my end, and I hope you can say the same!

Part of why I'm loving life so much (in addition to the wife) is because I'm getting back on the road with Keelan Donovan very soon. Check out this list of cities, and if something piques your interest, please come say hello! While new fans are great, there's something special about getting to see the old ones. 

9/20 • Denver, CO • The Lion's Lair
9/21 • Provo, UT • House Show
9/22 • San Jose, CA • Red Rock Coffee
9/23 • San Francisco, CA • Hotel Utah
9/24 • Sacramento, CA • House Show
9/25 • Los Angeles, CA • Mid-City Music Lounge
9/26 • San Diego, CA • House Show
10/1 • Austin, TX • House Sho
10/2 • Conroe, TX • House Show
10/3 • Houston, TX • House Show
10/4 - Richmond, TX • House Show
10/5 • Lindale, TX • The Noft
10/9 - Edmond, OK • House Show
10/10 • Oklahoma City, OK • House Show


If I'm not coming to a city near you, and you wish I were, let me know! I'm always looking for new places to play, especially if it's your living room.



Earlier today, I released the first episode of #StealingtheCovers Vol.II! Click the artwork above to check out the video and song! Excited to release episodes 2 & 3 in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Whether I'll be seeing you on the road or not, make sure to connect with me on social media (@brycepmerritt) and keep up with our adventure. More videos are coming out very soon, including more #StealingtheCovers, loop pedal, and originals. I can't wait to share them with you - all the more reason to stay digitally connected!

I hope to see you soon!