Can I Crash Your Christmas?


I hope you're doing well and settling in to fall with sweaters and all things pumpkin (if that's your thing - I'm an apple cider kind of guy). I just got back from tour, and I'm pleased to say it went terrifically. If you're new to this newsletter because of that tour, thanks for coming to a show & welcome! We have two things to talk about today: Christmas & Covers. 



(LOL at that picture above, but it's the most festive picture we have together, from a couple of days after we started dating)

I know, I know, it's not even Halloween and I'm already talking about Christmas - who do I think I am, Hobby Lobby? BUT, I'm excited to announce that my wife (still getting used to saying that!) & I will be playing a show on December 17th at the UCO Jazz Lab in Edmond, OK. I can't help but name shows, so this one is called "Christmas with the Mrs." I've never looked forward to a show more - tickets will go on sale soon (via this website).

If you aren't near Edmond, OK, don't feel left out! Leading up to "Christmas with the Mrs.", Bethany & I will be playing several house shows & events. Whether you throw a yearly party, or this gives you a reason to throw your first, we would be honored to serenade you and your guests this holiday season. We already have a few scheduled, so let me know if you're interested!



Over the past few weeks, I've released a new batch of cover videos - #StealingtheCovers Vol. II. I took songs from Meghan Trainor, OMI, and Taylor Swift, and (with the help of my incredible band) recreated those chart-toppers into totally different tunes. I hope you'll check them out! Click the screenshot above to see all three, or you can pick and choose below. Let me know if you have a favorite!


"Like I'm Gonna Lose You"

by Meghan Trainor


by OMI

"Stay/Bad Blood"

by Taylor Swift

Thank you so much for your support. Keep listening, & I'll keep creating!