My Life is Changing!

Hello everyone!

I hope you had a terrific 4th of July, and are continuing to soak up the summer sun. This season entails several big (and exciting!) changes for me, so I'm here to fill you in! 

The Marriage

In approximately 1 month, I'll be marrying my elementary school sweetheart. If you've listened to my music, then you've heard all about her. If you want to see the beauty that she is, go follow me on Instagram (@brycepmerritt), because she's basically every post.

The Move

Bethany (fiancé) will be pursuing her Masters degree in Jazz Studies at the University of Northern Colorado. Due to the whole marriage thing, I'll be moving with her. We are sad to leave Nashville, but looking forward to a new adventure and a new audience!


The Music

For those of you who don't know, in addition to music, I've been a private tennis instructor for the past three years (when I wasn't on the road playing for you guys!). While I loved that job and the financial stability it provided, I've decided to take the leap with our move to Colorado and pursue music full-time. 

All of this leaves me feeling equally excited, scared, vulnerable, and thankful. Whether in the form of a view, a share, a bought ticket, or even a word of encouragement, your support has always been appreciated. With all these changes, it means more to me now than ever before. 

Now see below to check out some of my latest work!

New video stuff!

Duo for a Day

I've released several new videos in the past few weeks. The most recent video is a collaboration/cover with my friend Megan Davies. Check out our mash-up of the two pop songs "Talking Body" & "Beautiful Now" by clicking here or above!

THe Simplest Thing

Over the past several months, I've released broken down and live versions of the tunes from my first album. The most recent video is "Trouble" - check it out, as well as others you may have missed, by clicking here or above!

Coming Soon

In the coming months, I'll be releasing Stealing the Covers Vol. II (check out Vol. I here), a new series called "Loop There It Is", as well as some full band studio sessions. I can't wait to share them with you!

Thank you thank you thank you for your support.

We can do this!